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New LUI for PostgreSQL released
A 2.0.3 LUI version for applications using PostgreSQL is released.

1. A feature allowing attaching files to the system's entities added. Now you can set up the ability to attach one or more files (documents, images, videos, and other media) to a list row or to a card. The files are stored in the database. Trivial configuration required to add files upload/download, view, replace and delete actions to the forms.

2. A feature allowing creating tasks added. The tasks are set to handle a large amount of data and have the following features:

  • Action prior to query
  • Database (or file) query
  • Action performed for every row returned by a query
  • Action after the query
  • Action in case of abnormal termination

The tasks can run in either synchronous (by clicking a button in a list or a blank) or asynchronous mode. The latter allows setting periods for the task auto-triggering.

3. A feature allowing adding form elements having "file" type to a form during its development is added. Any file can be uploaded to these elements, including binaries like a compiled program for report generating designed for external software. The file itself is stored in the database. When such form is working, for instance, a button is clicked, its content is put to the temporary directory of the application server, and then the report generator is launched.

4. Send email feature added (SendMail plugin).

Click Distribution to download the new version.

Download slides about LUI for PostgreSQL.